Raisins South Africa is a non-profit company that performs relevant research and development work on behalf of the industry, maintains technical operating information and the member database.

Raisins SA also handles the administration of the statutory levy on behalf of the National Marketing Council of South Africa (NAMC) and applies it accordingly in the interests of producers. This mouthpiece of a new and transformed industry, in collaboration with government and other relevant Stakeholders, plays a key role in protecting its producers’ interests.

The aim of this proposal is to secure funding from partners to support Industry’s efforts to:

  • Grow and further develop the Raisin Industry in South Africa
  • Promote and share industry information and knowledge
  • Reward top Industry achievers
The prospect for the South African Raisin industry remains positive for the future. The South African industry has grown sharply and new expansions and recapitalisation initiatives are ongoing to further grow our supply base.

The following salient figures for industry are summarised below:

  • SA is international recognised for producing top quality Raisins;
  • Annual Raisin production is approximately 70,000 dried tons;
  • Produced roughly by 1,000 growers;
  • World class Processing facilities;
  • 85% of all product destined for International Market;
  • Industry turnover estimated at R2bn.
Raisins South Africa request your business to partner with us to further grow and promote our industry to the greater benefit for all.