Governance and Administration


Good corporate governance of the industry's structures is a fundamental function of Raisins SA, which aims to effectively administrate the levy, to the benefit of our larger industry.

Raisins SA's annual report is published with the main objective to provide insight and basic understanding of the organisation's operation activities. Accordingly, the annual report seeks to provide information and disclose information that are of interest to all members and relevant stakeholders. It is intended to report beyond the financial performance of the organisation, but importantly report on strategies, portfolio performance, governance practices and the financial results of the organisation

2019 Annual Report
2020 Annual Report
2021 Annual Report
2022 Annual Report
Governance Structure


The board of Raisins SA is the final ‘level’ to be held responsible and will report to the NAMC in terms of executing its mandate.

Implementation of Raisins SA's mandate is performed based on each of the five KPA's and the detailed activities outlined in PROJECT RISE (2020-2025). The responsible portfolio manager (and his/her team) will implement as per the agreed targets set. Annual budgets and targets will be revisited and finalised towards the end of each financial period, for implementation the following financial period. The CEO is ultimately accountable for achieving goals set for the organisation. The appointed advisory committees will support and guide the execution of research projects and industry activities, to ensure they are relevant and aligned.

Key PerformanceAreas

The following strategic objectives are included as part of Strategic Goals (KPA 1): Good Corporate Governance as outlined in PROJECT RISE, these are:

  • Strategic Objective 1: Financial Sustainability
  • Strategic Objective 2: Grow Voluntary Funding Sources
  • Strategic Objective 3: Good Governance

The figure below illustrates the overall governance, responsibilities, strategic goals, strategic objectives, performance indicators and resource allocation.

Governance Performance Area