Enterprise Development
The goals of the Enterprise Development Program are the following:
  • Develop business or strategic plans for all potential projects. This is done to have a detailed picture of what the needs and shortcomings of our growers are. We cannot just throw funds into projects without fully understanding the needs and requirements of the projects
  • Identify potential Black producers that have the potential to commercialise
  • We also assist black farmers with technical support and input cost
  • We also partner with other bodies to ensure higher impact
Skills Development
Comprises Technical Training, International exposure and Graduate Skills Development Pipeline.
  • Technical/Field Training Technical Training is rolled out in accordance with the provisions of the Skills Development Act and aimed at skills development of new Black producers.

  • International Exposure International exposure, gain knowledge of best practices, latest technology, leading trends in the global context. The Tertiary Skills Development Pipeline includes providing bursaries, internships and workplace experience.

  • Graduate Training Skills Program
    The Tertiary Skills Development Pipeline includes providing Study Assistance, internships and workplace experience.
Socio Economic Development
Industry has decided that is a very important pillar, to ensure we positively contribute to the quality of life of farmers and their communities. We have directly linked our Socio-Economic projects to our Enterprise projects to ensure we look at the entire community development not only from a production point of view.