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World-class agronomy and social work underpin sustainability of SA raisins

OCTOBER 2023 - South African raisin producers are highlighting their world-class agronomy and traceability credentials at a time of increased consumer interest in sustainable farming.

September 2023

Newsletter September 2023

Variety is the spice of life for South African raisins

AUGUST 2023 - Consumers can enjoy a wide range of delicious and versatile South African raisins this season, despite reduced crop volumes.

MARCH 2023

Newsletter March 2023

Oct/Nov 2022

Newsletter Oct/Nov 2022

‘South African raisin Industry’ Environmental Efforts Take Centre Stage

SEPTEMBER 2022 - The South African raisin industry has a reputation amongst suppliers for adopting a progressive approach to farming.

South African raisins - demolishing the common misconceptions of the fruit

OCTOBER 2022 - The South African raisin industry is using its platform to break down some of the common misconceptions the fruit has faced in recent years.

New Drying Techniques improve the quality of South African Raisins

AUGUST 2022 - Innovative drying techniques are one of several initiatives helping to boost the quality and sustainability of South African raisins.

South African Raisin Industry is making waves with its Transformation Projects

JULY 2022 - Raisins South Africa is leading the way with its focus on transformation projects within the industry. Many growers are working with processors to fund BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) projects, which promotes skills development, ownership, management and socio-economic development amongst the black community.

UK trade visit highlights benefits of SA raisins

JUNE 2022 - Key figures from the South African raisin industry have visited UK suppliers to develop trading relationships and explain the benefits of the dried fruit.

July 2022

Newsletter July 2022


JANUARY 2023 - The initial raisin crop forecast for the 2022/23 production season was 78 000 tons in November 2022.